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Alcohol Content and Calorie Calculator

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How to use:

1.) Enter the original gravity (before fermentation) and final gravity (after fermentation) measurements that are obtained with your hydrometer. Enter the specific gravity value in the format of 1.xxx (ie. 1.050).

2.) Press calculate.


Alcohol By Volume: This is fairly straightforward, it is the alcohol percentage by volume in the beer.

Attenuation: This value represents the apparent attenuation or how much sugars the yeast converted into alcohol. The range for beer is typically between 65%-85% but is really dependent on the yeast strain. The higher the value the less residual sweetness.

Alcohol By Weight: Percentage of alcohol by weight of the beer.

Calories: Total calories per a 12 ounce beer.


The alcohol content, attenuation, and calorie counter is property of Fermentation Riot. If you would like to share this on your website feel free to use it pending that you also link back to us with the code below:

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