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Clone Beer Recipes

The following lists beer recipes that are clones (replicates) of commercial beers submitted by users. Feel free to use and submit your own recipes.

Beer Name Beer Style Alcohol IBU's Comment
Surly Abrasive Clone Imperial India Pale Ale 8.8% 120 The following beer is a double oat IPA which is more of a specialty beer. If you cant get your hands on them, just make it instead.
Clone for Surly Furious American-Style India Pale Ale 6.2% 90 Surly Furious is a beer from a microbrewery in MN. Excellently hopped beer that is growing in popularity.
Clone for Ngoma Togo Pils German-Style Pilsener 5.7% 29 A pale German Pilsner with a compact head, light carbonation, fruity aroma, and balanced hop flavor.
Clone for Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout Aged Beer 4.8% 30 Beer brewing clone recipe for Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout. A rich aroma dominated by roasted malt.
Clone for Sierra Nevada Pale Ale American-Style Pale Ale 5.5% 32 Sierra Nevada is a beer that has a spicy and floral aroma which is balanced with smooth rich malt
Pabst Blue Ribbon Clone American-Style Lager 4.9% 10 Pasbt Blue Ribbon (PBR) clone recipe. For those bets you placed to prove to your friends that you can brew their piss beer. This one will get you very close assuming you brewing skills are up to par
Clone for Boston Lager American-Style Pilsener 4.9% 35 Clone of Boston Lager (close resemblence) - hoppy, floral, lager that finishes dry.
Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale Clone American-Style Pale Ale 5.9% 45 Beer recipe clone for Anchor Brewing's Liberty Ale.
Stella Artois Clone Aged Beer 5.0% 20 Stella Artois is a common lager you can find at most bars. It is a very clean and refreshing lager beer which is extremely drinkable.
Clone for Grolsch German-Style Pilsener 5.5% 35 Light straw golden pilsner that is well hopped.
Blue Moon Clone Belgian-Style Witbier 5.3% 14.5 Blue Moon is brewed by Molson Coors but you wouldn't know it. Its a good version of a witbier.
Clone for Heineken Lager German-Style Pilsener 5% 24 A popular Dutch lager is a smooth medium bodied beer.
Old Speckled Hen Clone Special Bitter or Best Bitter 6.0% 39.9 The following beer is a recipe for old speckled hen.
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale Clone American-Style India Pale Ale 6.9% 68 Wonderfully robust and rich, this beer is dry-hopped for a lively, intense aroma. Brewed especially for the holiday season it is perfect for a festive gathering or for a quiet evening at home.
Clone for Foster's Lager German-Style Pilsener 4.9% 22 The great australian brew. This "tall frosty" has a bright head, zesty carbonation, and a light body.
Shock Top Belgian Wit Clone Belgian-Style Witbier 5.0% 18 Shock Top Belgian Clone all grain beer recipe. This recipe will get you very close to AB's belgian wit.
Pliny The Elder Clone Imperial India Pale Ale 8.25% Maxed Out Pliny the elder is a strongly hopped IPA that is worth brewing. This recipe is delicious...
Dogfish 90 Minute IPA Clone Imperial India Pale Ale 8.7% 90 Dogfish Head's 90 minute IPA which some would argue is the best IPA in America. This clone is very similar to the original recipe.
Bells Hopslam Clone Imperial India Pale Ale 10.05% 138 Bell's Hopslam all grain recipe clone.
Bells Oberon Clone Light American Wheat Ale or Lager with Yeast 5.8% 14 Bells Oberon is a great summer beer that is extremely refreshing on a hot summer day.
Full Sail Amber Ale Clone American-Style Amber/Red Ale 5.7% 45 Clone recipe for Full Sail Amber Ale.
Surly Darkness Clone American-Style Imperial Stout 9.8% 84 This recipe is a clone for Surly's Darkness.
Ommegang Abbey Ale Clone Belgian-Style Dubbel 8.0% 22 A cloned recipe for Ommegang Abbey Ale. A very deliciously unique Belgian dubbel.
Miller Lite Clone American-Style Light (Low Calorie) Lager 4.2% 17 "Triple hopped Miller Lite". It seems odd that someone would take the time making a miller lite as an all grain recipe but here it is. It is surprisingly more work than you would think for how cheap
Corona Clone American-Style Lager 4.8% 15.3 The following beer recipe will mimic the taste of a Corona.
Muskoka Detour Clone American-Style India Pale Ale 5.5% 23.4
Budweiser Clone American-Style Lager 4.2% 17 Budweiser Clone Recipe
Clone for Newcastle Brown Ale English-Style Brown Ale 4.7% 26 Newcastle is a blended beer (strong ale mixed with amber) but this will get close.
Coors Light Clone American-Style Light (Low Calorie) Lager 4.2% 17 Coors Light all grain clone recipe.
Clone for Harp Lager German-Style Pilsener 5% 28 Deep gold lager with a nice large head.
Fuller's ESB Clone English-Style Strong Bitter 5.5% 35 Fullers ESB clone recipe.
Clone for Guinness Extra Stout Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout 4.2% 40 Guinness is a deep dark brown beer that is recognized around the world.
Founders Breakfast Stout Clone American-Style Imperial Stout 8.3% 30.3 The coffee lover's beer. An abundance of flaked oats, bitter and imported chocolates, and Sumatra and Kona coffee, this stout has an intensly fresh roasted java nose topped with a frothy, cinnamon-col
Bud Light Clone American-Style Light (Low Calorie) Lager 4.2% 17 Bud Light all grain clone recipe.







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